By Roger Chartier

W9s Students and Borrowers

It is a simple form designed for Students  and Borrowers to fill out.

This is a two paged w9s form.
It asks for a simple fill out process and the form can be dealt with in a few minutes.

The W9s form is essentially asking for a student or the borrower's identification and/or the student's loan certification.

Because it seems to be the simplest possible W9 form of all it is a no-worry situation when you fill it out PROPERLY.

 I am emphasising the word properly because I want you to know that there are fines for fraud and misinformation.

You are threatened with penalties for any perjury that you might have committed on the W9s. So be careful and re-read the minor amount of info that you have submitted to avoid any claims of you being naughty. Then sign and date the form